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Fidelity Bank & Financial Literacy


By: Robert Baer

Financial Literacy Educational Resources

Pre Kindergarten thru Second Grade

Third thru Fifth Grade

Sixth thru Eighth Grade

Ninth thru Twelfth Grade

Lesson Summary by Grade

Spending time keeping your kids up to date with their school work?  Why not spend some time teaching them about how to manage their money?  It's something they'll need to learn eventually, and you're just the one educate them about it.

We've been working with schools in the area since 2016 educating students on how to manage their money.  It's something the students are always excited about, and they always want to learn more.

Our Educational Resources were developed by the FDIC and they present key money management concepts in a grade level appropriate format. Spend time discussing Setting Goals, Budgeting, Saving, Buying Decisions, and Investing with your children.

To get started, identify a grade level and click the appropriate link (if you have more than one child pick the grade level in the middle and improvise).  Download the Student Guide first and review it on your own.  If you need some support, the Teacher Guide has slides to help you discuss the concepts, and has an answer guide for all of the exercises.  The Educator Guide provides additional support on how to present the materials with additional resources at the end of each chapter.

Good luck!