Want to know what’s happening with the Fidelity Family on Social Media?

Just search for #Fidelityfam and you’ll find out.

We support the communities we serve and our customers by keeping you informed about what’s happening with us, and with our customers (see Fidelity Frenzy below). Social is a fun way for us to keep you informed and it gives us the opportunity to enjoy being a Fidelity Banker even more.

Fidelity has pulled together a group of committed, knowledgeable, fun, and yes, a little technical, bankers who are focused on our clients, the bank and their families (the hashtag is #fidelityfam right). We’ve asked them to share what happens to them during the day, both at work and at home on social media.

This unique hashtag will provide you with some insight on what we do every day and more importantly who we are. If you like what we’re doing, and how we support our clients, maybe you should become a Fidelity Banker.

Want to see what’s happening with Fidelity on social? Click one of the links below to view our sites, or search for us on your own. Either way, we think you’re going to like what you see!

  • #fidelityfam
  • #hereforgood
  • #banklife

What is a Fidelity Frenzy?

We are committed to supporting our clients. One way we show our support is through Fidelity Frenzy. Learn more about Fidelity Frenzy.