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By agreeing to receive information electronically, you consent to receive certain disclosures and communications that Fidelity Bank (“we” or “us”) is legally required to provide to you in writing. The types of disclosures we may provide electronically include this Electronic Communications Disclosure and the Terms and Conditions below (“Disclosures”). In order for us to provide the Disclosures to you electronically, we must ask you to agree to receive the Disclosures in that manner. If you do not agree, you will not be allowed to participate in the Fidelity Bank Refer-A-Friend Checking Account Program (“Program”).

Please read this disclosure carefully. We encourage you to print a copy of this disclosure and the Terms and Conditions below for your records.

We will provide all Disclosures to you on screen or, when you click on the link we, or our service provider, provide to you. You may be required to open the link that contains the Disclosures. You may print or make a copy of the Disclosures by using the “Print” button or saving a copy. You may wish to do this when we present a Disclosure to you because we do not always keep the Disclosures in a place you can access at all times.

You have the right to receive a copy of any of the Disclosures in paper form. Please call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-220-2497 to request a paper version. You must contact us within 12 months of the date we made the Disclosures available to you to obtain a paper copy. We may charge you a fee for providing a copy of a Disclosure. You may withdraw your consent to receive Disclosures electronically by calling our Customer Service Center. There is no charge for doing so but you may be excluded from the Program.

This consent only applies to the delivery of Disclosures and other communications by us to you. Some statutes as well as our Rules Governing or other contracts, may require that you provide certain notices to us in writing, and this consent has no effect on those requirements. In order to properly access and print the Disclosures, you must have the following hardware and software:

  1. A personal computer or Macintosh computer with Internet access and is capable of sending and receiving e-mail as well as a printer capable of printing copies of the Disclosures for your records.
  2. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software, version 5.0 or higher, so you can read and print copies of the Disclosures.
  3. One of the following operating systems: PC - Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, and higher MAC - OS X 10.6, and higher.
  4. An Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption, JavaScript and meets the following requirements: Internet Explorer 9.x and higher, Safari 5.1 and higher (or 10.8 and higher for OS X), Mozilla Firefox 24.0 or higher or Google Chrome 33.0 and higher.
  5. JavaScript must be enabled in order to utilize all printing and quick transfer functionality.

In certain circumstances, some Disclosures may be provided by e-mail. You agree that you will, if we ask, provide a current and valid e-mail address and that you will tell us immediately if your e-mail address changes. If you change your e-mail address, you must notify us by updating your e-mail address within your Online Banking with BillPay service, by calling our Customer Service Center or by visiting a branch. If we deliver Disclosures to you electronically and our message is returned to us by an internet service provider as undeliverable, we will attempt to to provide you with the disclosures by obtaining alternate contact information.