Change of Address

Moved recently? Don't miss out on important financial items in the mail. Update your address easily using our online form.

Stop Payment Request

If for any reason you need a payment stopped, please use our online form to request a stop payment for your account — it's simple!

Debit Card Travel Indicator

Before you head out on vacation, drop us a line to let us know where you're going to keep your debit card activated during your travels.

Debit Card Cancellation

Need to cancel your Fidelity Bank debit card? No problem. Use our convenient online form to request a debit card cancellation in minutes.

Dispute an ATM or Debit Card Transaction

If something doesn't look quite right on your Fidelity Bank account statement, please contact us using our dispute transaction form.

Dispute an ACH Transaction

Notice something off in your account? Reach out to us immediately to dispute an ACH transaction.

Telephone Transfer Request

Transfer funds using your telephone when you put in a request using our telephone transfer request form right from your computer.