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  • Phone

    OKPhone is required
  • OKE-mail is required
  • OKDebited Account Number is required
  • OKAmount of Debit is required
  • OKDate of Debit is required
  • OKPayee (Party Debiting the Account) is required


    I, the undersigned, hereby state all of the following:

    - I am an authorized signer or otherwise have the authority to act on the debited account described above.
    - I have reviewed the circumstances of the electronic debit to the account, as described above.
    - I have concluded the debit was not authorized.
    - The debit was not originated with fraudulent intent by me or any person acting in concert with me.

    The following, to the best of my knowledge, is the reason for that conclusion:(Select at least one)

    OptionalOKI did not authorize the party listed above to debit my account. is required
    OptionalOKBefore the debit was initiated, I revoked the authorization I had previously given to the party to debit my account. is required
    OptionalOKMy account was debited before the date I authorized. I authorized the debit to be made on or no earlier than is required
  • OKOriginal date authorized is required
    OptionalOKMy account was debited for an amount different than I authorized. The amount I authorized is is required
  • OKOriginal amount authorized is required
    OptionalOKMy account was debited as I authorized, but the transaction was not completed in processing. The debited amount was not used to fund a corresponding payment to the party authorized to receive the funds. is required
    OptionalOKMy check was improperly processed electronically is required
    OptionalOKOther, please specify is required
  • OKOther is required


    OKI have read the above statements in their entirety and certify that the statements and information provided are true and correct. is required
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Fidelity Bank is here to service your needs, please contact the appropriate department or person below:

Customer Service & Consumer Lending

  • 1-800-220-2497

24-Hour Fastline

  • 1-877-931-3278

Commercial Lending

  • General Information
    (504) 454-5750

Consumer Loan Payoff

  • Thomas Weston
    (504) 681-6753

CRA / Fair Lending

  • Charles LeFevre
    (504) 569-8384


  • Mona Hicks
    (504) 569-8370

Legal Services

  • Lauren Dean
    (504) 681-6751

Loan Servicing

  • AJ Breaux - VP of Operations
    (504) 569-3436

Mortgage Loan Escrow

  • Nancy Ordoyne
    (504) 569-3429

Mortgage Loan Cancellations

  • Ronald Anderson
    (504) 569-3565

Mortgage Loan Insurance

Mortgage Loan Taxes

Mortgage Loan Payoffs

Special Assets / Collections

  • Charles Cochran
    (504) 569-8373
  • Jamie Pitts
    (504) 569-3435
  • Debbie Fontenot
    (504) 569-3454