Finally, there’s a simple way to SWITCH your Checking Account to Fidelity.
It’s your money, SWITCHing should be easy!


The Fast and Secure Way to Switch Your Automatic Payments and Direct Deposits!

Switching your direct deposits and automatic payments to Fidelity Bank doesn’t need to be a hassle.  We’ve made it easier than ever with ClickSWITCH.

Switch your direct deposits and automatic payments to your account at Fidelity Bank.  This eliminates the hassle of having to contact each business and helps to ensure that you don’t miss a payment during your account transition.

How it Works

  1. Login to our ClickSWITCH portal.
    1. To get started, call Fidelity Bank at 1.800.220.2497, stop into any branch, or use the request form below to request your activation code.  Then login to ClickSWITCH and in a few simple clicks, you’ll activate your secure session.
  2. Switch your direct deposits and automatic payments
    1. Use your old account to automatically find and move recurring transactions.
  3. Get notifications as it works for you
    1. ClickSWITCH does the work for you and you’ll receive real-time updates and get notified when it’s done.

Why use ClickSWITCH

  • Securely switch direct deposits and automatic payments to Fidelity
  • Removes the hassle of contacting your billers and depositors1
  • Just a few clicks will save you hours of time
  • No need to track down payments or fill out paperwork
  • Track switches and receive real-time switch notification
  • Initiate the closure of your previous account

Already have an activation code?

Access ClickSWITCH

Or get your code through our form below:

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