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Financial Bee Student Information


By: Fidelity Bank

Congratulations for participating in the EVERFI Financial Bee.  The Bee will be running from April 20th through April 30th for students in 7th through 10th grades (ages between 13 and 18).  The online lessons will explore financial decision making on five topics: Spending and Saving, Credit and Debt, Employment and Income, Investing, and Insurance.  They will be delivered online HERE.

After completing the five lessons, you're invited to submit a short essay (300 – 500 words) and share your financial dreams and how you plan to achieve them. Three winners will be selected from essays entered from across the country to receive college scholarships (First Place - $10,000, Second Place - $6,000 and Third Place - $4,000).  The essays will also be shared on the National Financial Bee website!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm 17 and in the 11th or 12th grade, can I still participate?

  • Absolutely, the Bee is for students between the ages of 13 and 18, typically 7th through 10th graders.  Your age determines your ability to participate.

Where do I complete the lessons?

  • All of the lessons are available HERE.

Do I have to complete one lesson per day or can I complete them at my own pace?

  • You can complete the lessons at your own pace, as long as all lessons are completed by April 25th.

Will I have to register on the site? 

  • There's an optional log-in that you can use to save your progress which you'll do by logging in with either your email address or one of your social log-ins (i.e. facebook, google, etc.). Once they complete the essay portion, you will be prompted to submit your first name, last name, email, zip code and consent that you are over 13, or have your  parent/guardian register for you.

When are the essays due?

  • Essays need to be completed by May 8th.

How do I submit my essay?

  • An essay prompt will be displayed on the site with directions for how to submit your essay. EVERFI has a Financial BEE committee of "readers" who will be reviewing the essay from all across the country.

Who do I call for technical assistance?

  • There will be a "help" button at the bottom of the course for technical issues, these issues will be handled by EVERFI.