Fidelity Bank prioritizes safeguarding your personal information and ensuring the security of your financial transactions. Below, you'll find detailed information on our policies and resources dedicated to protecting your privacy and enhancing your online security. We encourage you to read this essential information.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority, and this policy explains how we collect, use, and protect your personal information and outlines our commitment to keeping your data safe and secure.

Online Privacy Policy

Specific policy regarding online privacy, including how we handle cookies, tracking, opting out, social media, and data collected through our website and digital channels.

Online Banking Security

Fidelity Bank's security measures designed to protect your online banking experience and tips to protect yourself against potential threats.

Cyber-Security Resources

Resources and tips to help you stay safe in the digital world. From recognizing phishing scams to securing your devices, empower yourself with knowledge to protect against cyber threats.

Fraud Awareness Resources

Educate yourself on common fraud schemes and learn how to spot red flags. Get insights into identity theft, credit card fraud, and other fraudulent activities, empowering you to protect yourself and your finances.