Our Mission

Here for Good

At Fidelity, our mission is to remain the long-term institution of choice in the marketplace. We seek to continually improve and enhance our rich heritage of over 100 years. “Here for Good” means helping families and businesses thrive in the communities we serve.

Our Vision

Fidelity will remain client focused, community minded, financially stable and operationally sound.

Our Values


Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships; we prioritize safeguarding our clients' financial well-being while nurturing a supportive environment for our team.


We're deeply rooted in the communities we serve, giving back through volunteering, financial support, and fostering connections among our team members.


Addressing needs promptly is our priority, ensuring reliability for both clients and team members.


Our commitment to excellence defines our client service, and how we handle mistakes builds and shapes lasting relationships.


As a financially sound institution, we're here for the long haul, making decisions and nurturing relationships with an eye toward enduring value.


We hold ourselves to high standards of personal responsibility, transparency, and open communication in all interactions.

Our History

Early 1900s

Fidelity Bank was formed on December 28, 1908, and is a mutual institution chartered by the Office of Financial Institutions (OFI). Our original name was Fidelity Homestead Association, the term "Homestead" was only used in Louisiana when referring to a savings and loan. The purpose of the savings and loan industry was to give people a safe place to save money and to provide funds for housing. 

From its very inception, the savings and loan business was concerned with thrift and home ownership by individual savers and borrowers. The original incorporators of Fidelity Homestead Association, among others, were Meyer S. Dreifus, a prominent attorney, and Allain C. Andry, Sr., a New Orleans businessman. After incorporation, Oscar Schumart, a financier, became the first president and Allain C. Andry, Sr. became secretary and remained in the position until his election to president in the early 1940s. 

After Mr. Andry, Sr.'s death in 1954, James H. Groetsch, a longtime member of the board, was elected president. Upon his death in 1956, Allain C. Andry, Jr., an attorney who was a member of the board since 1932, was elected to the presidency of the association. 

1984 to Present

In July 1984, Mr. Andry, Jr., was elevated to the position of chairman of the board, and William R. Hogan, Jr., C.P.A., and a member of the board since 1955, was elected president. Upon the death of Mr. Andry, Jr., in January 1987, Allain C. Andry, III, an attorney and a member of the board since 1972, was named chairman of the board. Mr. Hogan, Jr., passed away in March of 1996. In July 2010, Allain C. Andry, III, retired as chairman and Katherine "Katie" Andry Crosby was officially named Chairman of the Board.

In July 2007, the name Fidelity Homestead Association, was officially changed to Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank, which allowed the bank to offer even more quality products and services to our customers. The Fidelity focus remains the same today—our customers.

In January 2014 we purchased NOLA Lending Group, LLC. NOLA was a leader in providing secondary market home financing solutions to the communities they serve. With offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, the acquisition expands our presence across the Gulf Coast region. 

In December 2014, the name Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank, was officially changed to Fidelity Bank, which aligned the bank name with the products and services we offer to the communities, and customers, we serve.

Our mission, vision and values define Fidelity Bank's foundation. Our core values are our promise to our clients. When we live the mission, “Here for Good”, and our values we enrich our strong heritage and ensure our longevity as a financially stable and operationally sound institution.