Your hard work should pay off. Enjoy higher rates on bigger balances with our money markets — and earn even more.

Key Features

  • Earn Tiered Interest
  • Digital Banking
  • 6 Free Monthly Transfers


Maximize the return on your money. The more you save, the more you earn! Open a high-earning Money Market account at Fidelity Bank and take advantage of:

  • 2.8% APY*
  • $100,000 minimum balance must be maintained to earn stated APY
  • Special promotional rate good for balances up to $3 million
    (FDIC Insurance is available for up to $250,000 per depositor category per bank)
  • Offer open to consumer and business clients
  • Must be new money to Fidelity Bank
  • 6 free transfers per monthly cycle; $10 fee per transfer in excess thereafter1

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 3/2/2023. Limited time offer. Funds to open the account must be new money and not currently held in accounts at Fidelity Bank. Balances below $100,000.00 earn 0.25% APY. Balances equal to or greater than $3,000,000.01 earn 0.25% APY. Unless notified, at the end of the promotional period the account will be transitioned into our current tiered rate Money Market product. Fees may reduce earnings on the account.

  • 6 free transfers per monthly cycle; $10 fee per transfer in excess thereafter1
  • No monthly service charge when you meet the qualifiers; otherwise $5 per month
  • Opening deposit $1,000

1Fidelity Bank limits the transactions that can be made on savings accounts to no more than six (6) automatic or preauthorized transfers that post and clear per monthly statement cycle. This includes account transfers or payments initiated by telephone, mobile banking, online banking, checks payable to third parties, as well as automatic debits and transfers. Limitation does not apply to withdrawals made in-person, by mail, by messenger, or at an ATM. An excessive transaction fee of $10 per withdrawal in excess of six (6) per monthly statement cycle will be applied. See the Rules Governing, Truth in Savings Disclosure and Fee Schedule for more information.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The content of this page is informational only. Accounts are subject to approval. Other miscellaneous fees apply. The terms of the accounts, including any fees, rates or features, may change. Contact your local banker for current rate information. See the Account AgreementElectronic Funds Transfer Disclosure and AgreementFunds Availability Policy DisclosureSubstitute Check Policy DisclosureFee Schedule, and Truth in Savings Disclosure for the terms and conditions associated with these products.