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House hunting is stressful enough. Let us help you rest as little easier. Here are the Fidelity Bank employees registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS). Feel free to visit NMLS Consumer Access to verify your lender's information.

Name NMLS# Title
Brooke Abrusley 1453924 Loan Officer
Rhiannon Aswad 1150918 Loan Officer Associate II
Shannon Babin 419401 Senior Loan Officer
Byron Bankston 701397 Financial Center Leader
Kelly Battaglia 1076368 Sales Coordinator
Luzine Bickham, Jr. 708043 Loan Officer
Jack Mark Boasberg II 111912 Area Sales Manager / Vice President
Mallory Bobo 1830244 Loan Officer
Lauren Bradford 1957450 Loan Officer Associate II
Anthony Bridges 658578 Financial Center Leader
Connor Brooks 1370606 Loan Officer
Jackie Bryant 1020172 Financial Center Leader
Kristin Burke 1893679 Sales Coordinator
Brandon Burnside 1042389 Senior Loan Officer
Candace Durand Butler 701935 Financial Center Leader 
Elizabeth Catalanotto 1020170 Branch Banker
Cathy Cerise 699544 Financial Center Leader
Lindsey Chevalier 1648585 Financial Center Leader
Jonathan Clem 106289 Sales Manager 
Hayley Cloutier 1780562 Loan Officer Associate II
John B Coker Jr 1916690 Loan Officer
Lace Collins 2026725 Branch Banker
Sarah Cooley 1928198 Loan Officer
Greg Daniels 440321 Senior Loan Officer
Jacqueline S Dardano 658588 Financial Center Leader
Brian Davidson 109055 Sales Manager 
Gloria Delaney 660380 Branch Banker
Laci Forcier Dill 1615645 Branch Banker
Courtlin Donner-Noggerath 170551 Senior Loan Officer
Rachael Dupre-Shaheen 2037499 Loan Officer
Hannah Durkin 1827839 Loan Officer Associate II
Patti Elliott 1448951 Branch Banker
Stephany Ezell 1577652 Loan Officer
James Fidler 408681 Senior Loan Officer
Samantha Freeman 1707125 Branch Banker
Karla Fuentes 1086021 Loan Officer Associate II
David Gabb 768893 Financial Center Leader
April Galbreath 1728857 Loan Officer Associate II
Meredith Garrett 755832 Loan Officer
Jason R Gauthier 684701 Loan Officer
David J. Gilyot 430774 Senior Loan Officer
April L Glover 854548 Loan Officer
Marie Goodly 660339 Financial Center Leader
Tiffany Graff 708060 Financial Center Leader
Leslie R Green 686965 Financial Center Leader
Maryanne Grossimon 1029575 Branch Banker
Dana Guidroz 2071374  Sales Coordinator
Britni Nichole Gwin 1096633 Loan Officer
Penny Hamilton 708063 Retail Relationship Manager
Georgia Harrington 131411 Senior Loan Officer
Will Harris 926522 Senior Loan Officer
Leigh Harrison 699393 Sales Manager
Monique Hebert-Smith 1112638 Sales Coordinator
Mia Hegwood 206433 Loan Officer
Trey Hereford 89575 Senior Loan Officer
John Hoffpauir 80685 Sales Manager
Christopher Honea 546371 Senior Loan Officer
Nathan Hubbell 2002278 Loan Officer
David Hymel 698794 Senior Financial Center Leader
Ebone' Jackson 1944709 Branch Banker
Courtney Jenkins 832159 Senior Loan Officer
Jessica Johnpeer 1904477 Sales Coordinator
Jeffrey Johnson 190523 Senior Loan Officer
Ashley Michelle Jones 1506130 Loan Officer
Christen Amick Jones 1587777 Loan Officer
Kara Kohls 334789 Sales Coordinator
Erin LaFont 477090 Loan Officer
Stacey Lee 1900999 Loan Officer
Brian Lott 109405 Sales Manager
Jennifer Lovecchio 1326123 Loan Officer
Tonicka Mayfield 700914 Branch Banker
Casey P McCarthy 1999078 Loan Officer
Garrett McMullin 1954411 Loan Officer
Kathryn Meiners 1125723 Loan Officer
Hanna Miller 1393918 Branch Banker
Kimberly Moorer 546479 Sales Manager
Esmeralda M Neira 1797270 Branch Banker
Grant Oliver 1903169 Loan Officer
Megan Parenti 1197206 Loan Officer Associate II
Derin M Patterson 1883997 Loan Officer
Gina Pazo 1043355 Branch Banker
Mary Perrin 1020178 Branch Banker
Meghan Peterson 1879766 Loan Officer
Courtney Peveto 1590181 Loan Officer
Joseph Piel 365511 Area Sales Manager / Vice President
Alexa Portillo 1937441 Loan Officer
Adam M Price 1697723 Loan Officer
Abby Pudlewski 555529 Financial Center Leader
Janette Raymond 586336 Financial Center Leader
Dustin Reichert 700998 Financial Center Leader
Kiva Reynolds 674246 Accelerated Leadership Trainee
Scott Richard 1715468 Loan Officer
Candice Richard 1835526 Loan Officer Associate II
Jennifer Ricks 1164415 Branch Banker
Ian P Roche 1816416 Branch Banker
Robert Romero 365861 Sales Manager
Matt Root 546753 Loan Officer
Ashton J Ryan III 1211193 Branch Banker
Brooklyn Schmidt 2066383 Loan Officer Associate II
Vanessa R Sierra 1997027 Financial Center Leader
Kim Smith 848016 Loan Officer
Michelle Stephens 908121 Sales Coordinator
Antoinette Theriot-Heim 1638187 Loan Officer Associate II
Ryan Thomassie 350514 Area Sales Manager / Vice President
Matthew Tucker-Varas 1941612 Branch Banker
Jennifer Walker 367043 Senior Loan Officer
Kathryn Walsh 83104 Senior Loan Officer
Susanne Wampold 1553575 Loan Officer
Rachel Webre 1913085 Loan Officer
Rachel West 360470 Senior Loan Officer
Rachel Wilhelm 70596 Retail Relationship Manager
David Wimberly 1192336 Loan Officer
Toneshia M Windsor 1970439 Branch Banker
Coleena Wolfe Zimet 394007 Senior Loan Officer