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We like to brag on our clients and let others know about the good work they do!

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Community Partners

Longtime Fidelity Bank client, Community Partner, and POWER members at the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana recently shared their POWERful Pandemic Pivot, in response to a recent article in the P.O.W.E.R. Pulse Newsletter.

Writes National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana CEO Torie Kranz, “We have developed a new program, that addresses an old problem that is being further exacerbated by COVID-19.  

“Safe Rides with Uber” provides dialysis patients with transportation to/from dialysis sessions. The program is a last resort, and the patient must meet the criteria for program access. That being said, it keeps patients compliant with their treatment schedule, when they otherwise would miss a session because of a lack of transportation.

The program is in New Orleans and we have applied to several foundations to provide the same to the entire state.”

In addition to the Safe Rides with Uber program, the National Kidney Foundation website has resources available to help kidney dialysis patients navigate the ins and outs of COVID-19. Click here to visit their Dialysis & Covid-19 resource page:

For more information on the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana, reach out to Community Partners Director Madison Burris, Small Business Relationship Manager Patrick Landry, or visit the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana website at

Small Business

Our goal at Wildewoods is to create exquisite, custom wood furniture. To this end, our craftsmen work with only the best quality lumber and use time-honored techniques in their creations, including joinery techniques like mortise and tenon, pegged tenons, sliding dovetails and dovetailed solid wood drawers. Everything we produce is hand crafted  with  great care and attention to all details.

We know the joy that a fine piece of custom furniture can bring and that is why we strive for perfection in every piece. We always desire to form friendly, open relationships with our customers and encourage your participation in the creation of your project.

Terry Wilde is an unusual craftsman. There certainly are plenty of carpenters in Louisiana, but none who regularly elevate wood into high art. Wilde, from his busy Wildewoods workshop in Ponchatoula, has turned pieces of mahogany, cherry, oak and cypress into masterpieces such as freestanding French Regency-style cabinets and lovingly-crafted plantation shutters. He’s even created elegantly- arched cathedral doors for a Catholic church in Colorado and frequently ships jobs out of state. Wilde specialties also include handmade furniture, custom cabinetry, doors and staircases as well as the restoration and refinishing of delicate antiques.

Judging from his work, no one would guess that Wilde wasn’t born with lathe in hand – or that he is a former banker who claims his father “didn’t know which side of a hammer to pick up.” But lucky for Southeast Louisiana homeowners, Wilde didn’t enjoy the banking life. “I hated it,” he says frankly. Luckily, a friend suggested Wilde try his hand at carpentry. “I thought he was crazy because I didn’t know the first thing about it,” he admits. “But I was young and didn’t have anything to lose, so I decided to go for it.”

He got his first framing job when he told the boss “I learn fast, I work hard, and at the end of the week if you don’t think I’m worth keeping, I’ll be on my way,” Wilde recalls. Of course, he got the job and within six months was promoted to foreman. It wasn’t until several years later, when he began renovating 100-year-old Victorian homes in Uptown New Orleans, that Wilde fell in love with the finer points of carpentry. “The homes have such fine woodwork,” he says. “The crown molding – even the beautiful joinery work behind the walls – started a burning desire inside of me to learn and do more.”

After a successful career as a custom homebuilder, Wilde finally decided to pursue this passion. Fifteen years ago, he hung the shingle for his fine custom woodworking shop and hasn’t looked back. “I put a lot of heart and soul into my work,” Wilde says. “It’s my passion.”

Visit the Wildewoods Website!


Magnolia Physical Therapy

Magnolia Physical Therapy, LLC is locally owned and our commitment to this city was grounded in our experience during Hurricane Katrina. Our doors had just opened one month before Katrina hit. The question in our minds at that point was not IF we would return to New Orleans to pick up where we left off, but WHEN. The community answered back with their support. Organizations like Fidelity mirror that support and because of this, Magnolia Physical Therapy has grown from a 1000 square foot facility with three employees to occupying over 13,000 square feet in Orleans and Jefferson parishes and employs over 60 people.

For almost 15 years, Magnolia Physical Therapy has had a vision to help as many people as possible and, until recently, we had never quantified “as many people as possible.” Our goal now is to help 1,000,000 people become pain free so they can go live their lives. Currently we are a little over a quarter of the way there and we are determined to achieve this goal so our communities can flourish. We ensure residents can go to work pain free, kids can play sports pain free, and that access to conservative, evidence-based care is quick, that it is of the best quality and that it is in your neighborhood. In doing this, we can give back to the very communities that have supported us for more than a decade.

To help accomplish the goal mentioned above, Magnolia Physical Therapy has taken on a company-wide responsibility to educate our public about the benefits of physical therapy and more conservative treatments with the intention of helping our clients to minimize or eliminate addictive medications or potentially eliminate the need for expensive surgeries. Magnolia Physical Therapy was instrumental in lobbying for direct access to physical therapy care in 2016. The passing of this legislature allows the public to seek and receive physical therapy services without the costs of referrals or unnecessary testing. We also provide free educational screening events to organizations and companies across our city to assist in disseminating this message and to show them how to gain quicker access to care.

Magnolia Physical Therapy has several key organizations where we volunteer our time, talents, and money. We provide mentorship and support to the physical therapy students at LSU Health Sciences Center and Delgado Community College. We provide support and discounted services to the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic, whose mission it is to provide low cost healthcare to local musicians without health insurance. Most importantly, in 2019 alone, we provided nearly 1,000 hours of service in the forms of free massage, physical therapy screenings, or educational seminars across the city and have plans to increase this in the coming years.


5 Locations: Elmwood, Marigny, CBD, Uptown, Westbank

49 Full Time Employees

21 Part Time Employees

2019 AWARDS:

Top Places to Work (Times-Picayune)

Women-Owned Business of the Year (Jefferson Chamber)

Small Business of the Year (JEDCO)


For more information on Magnolia Physical Therapy, visit
or speak with Commercial Lender Jim Schoen.


With our focus on advancing the wellbeing of women, the Junior League of New Orleans believes that increas-ing women’s business opportunities improves the local economy. 

One way to cultivate entrepreneurial success is with access to mentors and advisors. Through the 12-month Woman Entrepreneur (WE) Fellowship, JLNO will support a female business owner with mentoring and in-kind services sourced through its membership. 

  • Legal / Human Resources
  • Accounting / Financial Analysis
  • Investor Development
  • Marketing / Communications
  • Management / Organizational Consulting

Collaboration with the WE Fellow will determine focused goals within these broad areas for a plan addressing her business’s specific needs. Fellowship applicants do not need to be JLNO members to apply, and submitting an application is free.

If you or someone you know has a business with growth potential, review this information and complete an application by August 22, 2020.

Fellowship Components:

  • Grant in the amount of $5,000
  • Mentoring and support services from JLNO Members
  • Access to meeting space in Uptown New Orleans (not to be used as retail space; a value of $350)
  • Tuition to JLNO’s Get on Board nonprofit board training program (a $250 value)
  • Feature in Lagniappe, JLNO’s quarterly magazine to 5,000 readers
  • Opportunities to market to JLNO members
  • One year of membership dues (a $220 value) should the WE Fellow meet eligibility criteria and elect to join JLNO

Click Here to Apply