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We like to brag on our clients and let others know about the good work they do!

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Community Partners

The New Orleans Mission has been serving the community for over 33 years. Helping aid those struggling with addiction, mental illness, abuse, and food insecurity. We offer a safe place of healing and restoration with programs and services designed to meet the mental, physical and emotional needs of each person we serve. Our long-term recovery programs, located in Hammond and Lacombe, create a quiet place for restoration to continue outside the noise of the city. Through our vocational program, we see people begin the healing process and watch them become the person they were created to be. We are one of the free recovery centers in our city: giving rest and healing to the people in need.

How to help

Please consider giving back to the community and helping the men and women in need at the New Orleans Mission with your time, talent or treasure. Go to for more information.

Small Business

The Luminary and Co. -- formerly known as Mose Mary and Me -- was started by Stephanie Renee Kauffman during a particularly hard winter. While Stephanie remains the sole constant of the company, since starting on January 23rd of 2016, many friends and family have stepped in to help in to help when needed. Today, The Luminary and Co. has sold over 75,000 candles, all over the US, in stores in 20 states and Canada.

Back to the beginning.... December 5th of 2015, Stephanie lost her job. She was performing comedy at the time, was jobless and broke, and in massive debt. Being the holiday season, she wanted to give Christmas gifts to her friends but couldn't afford much. Stephanie decided to research DIY gift ideas, and wanted to add her own flair to what she found. That's when Stephanie created prayer candles with her friends’ favorite icons and comedians on them. She didn’t think much about the candles at the time, as they were just gifts. When another friend, Sarah, saw the candles, she asked if Stephanie could make some custom candles with Sarah's favorite icons on them.

Jobless and broke, Stephanie had to donate plasma in order to afford to make the first candles for the order. Having .02 in her bank account at the time, Stephanie needed a miracle. Sarah made a Facebook post about the candles, sparking more requests and then more orders. That's when Stephanie decided to open an online shop. Stephanie vividly remembers finally scraping together the $13 she needed, to afford her first paper cutter. Stephanie’s roommate Megan then loaned her $200 so Stephanie wouldn't have to keep donating plasma and a few weeks later, Stephanie started selling to her first store, The Silver Room. Stephanie would lug candles on public transportation, for over an hour to get them to the store. Then, slowly over time, more stores, and more candle designs, additional opportunities arose.

Peaches Records in New Orleans asked to start selling The Luminary and Co. wholesale which led Stephanie to move her operations to the Big Easy. It was a perfect fit. Local stores started carrying the line, and a month after Stephanie quit her restaurant job to pursue her business full time, Fleurty Girl asked to carry The Luminary and Co., making her feel like she had made the right choice.

Although Stephanie has hit some road bumps and setbacks along the way, slowly she was able to pay off debt, and even save some money which allowed her to move out of her home office into a working studio in February of 2020. The studio space allowed The Luminary and Co. to operate at Christmas time with a lot more ease as well as expand to selling wholesale on

Five years after those initial Christmas gifts, Stephanie is blown away by where this little accidental entrepreneurship journey has taken her. She asked for a miracle, and she got one and more. Because of the growth, Stephanie has hired on multiple employees, with which she loads of fun doing this fun little thing, upon which she stumbled by accident. It’s a funny how life happens, but to Stephanie, life is a comedy. Light, laughter, levity, that's what it's all about.


Gretna Medical Center's Dr. Hai Nguyen. Dr. Nguyen's current practice is located at 315 Westbank Expressway, Gretna La 70053. Fidelity is in the process of financing the construction on of a new medical facility located at 4535 S. Claiborne Ave. New Orleans, La 70125 named the Uptown Medical Center.

The new facility will be owned by Dr. Hai Nguyen and his wife Tina Dang Nguyen, who currently operates Expressway pharmacy out of the current location and will operate a pharmacy out of the new location. Construction is scheduled to be completed sometime early next year.

Dr. Hai Nguyen is an internist and pediatrician in Gretna, LA and i s affiliated with Ochsner Medical Center and West Jefferson Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and has been in practice 21 years. He also speaks multiple languages, including Vietnamese. He is experienced in general internal medicine, pediatrics, and urgent care.



Congratulations to our 2022 P.O.W.E.R. Woman of the Year Award Recipient, Jolie Bernard - The Bernard Group

Jolie Bernard LLC of The Bernard Group has been an advocate for Fidelity Bank and the P.O.W.E.R. Program ever since becoming a member. She is always willing to help; from workshops and education to volunteering. She promotes the Bank, P.O.W.E.R., and our Community Partners consistently and she believes in Fidelity and in our community. Jolie’s values align with Fidelity Bank's Mission: #HereForGood.