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Stephen Hales

Stephen Hales


Industry Expertise

  • Stephen W. Hales, M.D. has been a Director at Fidelity Bank since 2004, and is Vice-Chairman of the Board.
  • Dr. Hales is the founder and senior partner of Hales Pediatrics, and has practiced pediatrics in New Orleans since 1978.
  • He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Tulane Medical School and LSU School of Medicine, where he has taught a course on doctor/patient relationships and medical ethics for first year students. Dr. Hales has served on the Board of Trustees of Children's Hospital since 1980, and chaired the board for four years.
  • Following Hurricane Katrina, he has supported educational reform in New Orleans as a founding Board member, Secretary and Vice-Chair of New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO). Founded in 2006, NSNO has played a major role in the reform of New Orleans' failed public school system, launching and supporting the high-quality open-admission charter schools now successfully educating over ninety per cent of New Orleans' public school children.


  • Former Board Member of Metairie Park Country Day School
  • Former Board Member of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Former Board Member of the Alliance of Not-for-Profit Hospitals